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Looking for top-quality tools to tackle your next project? Look no further than our extensive selection of products, which includes everything from powerful drills and efficient pumps to innovative water cleaners and more. With our unbeatable selection and exceptional customer service, we’re the go-to source for all your tool and equipment needs.

Compact Hydro Solutions online store has a wide range of water-related products at reasonable prices, it's a one-stop-shop for all my needs.

Marlon Potter

Founder & CEO. Hash Tanks

I am impressed by the professionalism of Compact Hydro Solutions, their expertise in borehole drilling is second to none.

Victoria Musa

Founder BigBox

Compact Hydro Solutions drilled my borehole and installed a pump, the water supply is reliable and consistent.

Daisy Watt

Maji Mazuri

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If you have any other questions you'd like answered please feel free to email us.

What services does Compact Hydro Solutions Ltd provide?

Compact Hydro Solutions Ltd provides a range of services including drilling new boreholes, rehabilitating existing boreholes, facilitating geotechnical surveys, supplying and installing borehole pumps and other related pumps, designing solar pumping systems, constructing water pans and dams, and installing steel water tanks.

What is borehole rehabilitation, and when is it necessary?

Borehole rehabilitation involves restoring the functionality of an existing borehole that may have experienced decreased water yield or quality over time. It can involve cleaning, repairing or replacing components to improve the borehole's performance and extend its lifespan

What are geotechnical surveys, and why are they important?

Geotechnical surveys are conducted to assess the subsurface conditions and determine the feasibility of drilling a borehole. These surveys help identify the geological formations, water table levels, and other relevant factors to ensure optimal placement and design of the borehole.

Can Compact Hydro Solutions Ltd assist with water storage solutions?

Yes, we can help with the construction and installation of water pans, dams, and steel water tanks. These storage solutions are essential for capturing and storing water for future use, ensuring a reliable supply even during dry seasons.

How experienced is Compact Hydro Solutions Ltd in the industry?

Compact Hydro Solutions Ltd has been operating since 2009, giving us over a decade of experience in the field. We have successfully completed numerous projects, gaining expertise in borehole drilling, water supply systems, and related services.